"Hmm... The Mothership Isn't Responding Today."

Haven’t made shit in a while, should really start doing so again.


Made some other stuff too. Didn’t want to post a thread for any of them.


Good work, my friend.

I love it, also the BLR poses are great Lighting and everything is spot on, well done.
Only thing I could suggest is maybe do some small amounts of lens flare on the lights at night, but that is just me


Kinda like that (Knoll Light factory is a great tool for this)
and not to go overboard with it (ala BF3) Just small, simple touches to add a tinge more colour to the scene

They’re all cool.

Mind me asking what the map with the dog and porch is?

It seems really familiar.

Looks like this one.

Thanks mate.

pretty good