Hmmm, should this be the Cloudscript theme for mac?

How about the Mac version of Gmod’s Cloudscript like this?

It looks Mac-ish, but yeah, something like this.

How do you like it?

The words underneath Categories contrast a bit too much imo.

Font needs some work, too, and it really doesn’t look that much like a mac interface…

I made a logo!

At least the logo looks decent. The colors on the first one actually hurt to look at. Like full on burning.

It needs to be something big and so obvious to use it’s almost impractical.

Why does the Mac version need a different layout?

I’m making a better one, hold on



Well, it looks a little better. The colors feel a lot better now, but it just feels…weird to look at.

Hey, that looks like it would be simple to use and make sense! We shouldn’t do that! /sarcasm

Looks like a good layout, but colors need a lot of work. Proody logo.

Yeah. A mac like button would be good, like the volume slider in iTunes. I’ll make it transparent and post shit here.


I deserve something for the epic logo also :v: . Also, a OSX themed Qmenu would be cool too!

Why the fuck would we need a different lay out for the mac version

I’m pretty sure the layout isn’t going to change at all, since the system is exactly the same.

It’s good, except the “g” is a bit rough around the edges. You might wanna soften/smooth that.

Make the G black for god’s sakes.


And bigger.

Twice as big.

That would make it look like shit.

Why should GMac players be treated any differently than pc players?

Mac users = PC users.