Hmmph ADVANCED table saving???

Hai. I have searched Quite some time now. Didn’t find anything i rely on this forum to help ya old friend. Anyhow this is what i would like

How would i save the table for example

SaveTable = {}

How can i save it in the format that users.txt is?

the file would look like this

"Name" "Value"
     "Name" "Value"

with thrid entry, so on so on.

And then i load it into MyTable{} ???


Thank you. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: another newbie question to add to it: How to save/load it ?


Aw, Never mind ._.

You also can use glon.

GLON isn’t “human” readable. (It is readable but… It’s ‘encoded’ somewhat)

True. I want my Possible addon users ( if i will make an addon that is ) To be able to actually Modify it without having to go in game. It is more secure. Example: You would have to delete all information (Registration Addon) if a Admin would ban the owner ._.