HMS Grand Central

Battle Compilation Video:

HMS Grand Central Screenshots:

Built out of 99% recycled train material. Thanks to Dr. Jones for some input on the design and the ship name.

Other Spaceships in the Video:

Screw razor trains, this is where it’s at!

Talk about train ships…


I’m fucking loving this! Epic!

This is true Gmod creativity for when it comes to modelling.

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And - this would be a fucking awesome contribution to the spaceship thread. Just sayin’.

Thanks Trekkie. Ya, it is bit different from the standard razor train style, but it turned out not too bad.

Not right now :frowning: I am going to be more focusing on the battle aspect than a proper interior.

Thanks Sat, your spaceships are epic. I was confused about your thread, I didn’t know if it was a “post your” spaceship or more just your spaceships.

No way, my thread is for EVERYONE! Post it if you feel like it, even link to your thread or something else if you feel like it. The motive is inspiration, and you’re good at it. :smiley:

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By the way I’d love to see this in-game.

I added a sexy battle video now as well :slight_smile:

What weaponsystem is that? I’d love to arm my ships.

Custom to the server, apparently.

Ya, it is running on the McBuilds weapon system. Diaspora is the continuation server of McBuilds after it died, with the same content. It is my understanding that it isn’t a released weapon system.

Damn thats awesome. Must have taken you forever to make.

Nice ship. I’ve been looking for a Spacebuild server, what’s the IP of this one? The weapons system looks really neat.