HMS Hood - 3rd time unlucky but getting there (Bloody source engine)

Seems I have a habit of building stuff that the source engine can not handle.

I am sure not many of you were around in 2006 when I first started with Facepunch (Thats right, almost 6 years … god Im getting old) back in the old school days of GMod 9
The very first thing I tried to build was the infamous WW2 British battlecruiser HMS Hood

Now at this time I was completely new to GMod, and I was totally unaware of the idea of prop limits and the available props were a bit limited
As such I built the ship hull from containers, I then started building the deck out of blast doors, it gave a great effect but I managed to make it no further than the back quater of the ship before I could spawn no more props without the game crashing

After this my contraptions focused on either being bit, or detailed. Never really both and HMS Hood was pushed into a dark dusty corner and forgotten

Then came the only GMod contest I have ever gone in for … The World War 2 contest. The idea was simple. 2 teams, each building machines that actually existed in WW2, best contraptions won
So my first choice of build was easy

HMS Hood returns (take 1)

Now for this one I had not only learnt my lesson about prop limits, I also had had alot of practice building ships so had created many effective building techniques for ship construction
This one was built with a different mindset to the first, rather than going straight in for maximum detail from the start. I built the basic features of the ship and then started to go back over and add more and more detail

This time, as you can see, It was not exactly my best presented work (I was working to a deadline) but I did manage to get a full ship built, it even had fireable turrets.
Unfortunatly, I then discovered one of GMod 9s other brilliant bugs

THE UNREADABLE MENU - For those who have never expirenced this, first of all well done. Secondly, incase you are unaware, the menus all become unreadable so you can not see what anything you’re selecting is and also if you try to save your work, it will create a save file, however, the game will never be able to open the file without crashing

End Take 2

Not long after this contest I started to stray away from the world of GMod, occasionally popping back when I was bored with some mad contraption or another, normally a ship. Then came GMod 10, and despite playing it quite alot it took a while for me to settle into it as it varied quite alot in many ways from version 9

And although my list of contraptions I have made is both huge and varied, it was not until now. 6 years after first attempting that I have finally got a presentable version of HMS Hood. Enter…

HMS Hood Take 3 (not quite there though)

Now I have not really built much in GMod over the past 12 months, however, recently I made several big changes to my computer hardware and I figured what better way to test its capabilites than building something stupidly large in GMod
Now I started off building the huge battleship that I posted up a few weeks back, It was a vast improvement over my ships of the past as I had discovered the joys of parenting as apposed to welding, however I then hit issues with how many constraits the source engine would allow me to make so the ship went no further for the time being

So determined was I to build a mega detailed battleship that I started building another one, this time making the hull narrower to reduce the number of props required. I was also playing around with ways to get around the constraints issue I had expirenced previous by doing such things as clearing up all welds and no collides on the off chance that the parenting tool failed to clear them. As well as seeing if having two parent props allowed me to use more constraints. And as someone had starting building the battleship Bismarck I figured what better ship to build than the one it blew up
And so, here is how things have progressed this time

Firstly I built a hull, then using a di-cast model of the Hood I have, holding it up to the screen I worked out roughly where the turrents needed to go

Next I built up the raised area of the deck, also worked out where the command tower and smoke stacks needed to be placed

After that the remainder of the conning tower and rear mast were built and the rigging added to give the ship its distinctive shape

I then had a rethink about the design (thats right, even I made cockups sometimes)
I rebuilt the smoke stacks to give a more accuate looking, narrower appearance and also altered the turrets so the barrels were longer and also narrowed towards the ends

I then also made all four of the gun turrets aimable with a little trick I discovered a few years back. By parenting the turret to a wheel underneath it and then welding an airboat above it, when you jump in the airboat and steer, the whole turret slowly rotates.
This does mean each turret has to be controlled seperatly (I am sure there is a way to make all four guns turn to look at whereever you want at the same time using some form of laser guidance in wire or something, but I am old school)

And the main point I like most about any ship I have ever built before. All my recent boats have been sinkable by using explosive barrels around the waterline so as you destroy the barrels the ship slowly drops in the water till it eventually rolls over like a real ship.
On this ship however, as I was trying out using two parent props, I went for two containers placed end to end under the ship in the centre, with all the props at the front have of the ship parented to the front container and all the props at the stern half parented to the rear container. The upshot is (especially considering this is HMS Hood) is the ship can literally be broken in half

Think I may need to build the Titanic now??

Unfortunatly, not long after this point in construction, while adding batteries of AA guns around the ship, I hit the same constraits limit that put a halt to my previous battleship. Looks like this source engine just can not handle the shit I build. Looks like I will have to wait for a new game engine and GMod for that engine to be built before I can fulfill my aim of building a huge, functional, highly detailed battleship

P.S. Tell you what guys, its mad looking back through all the old albums of stuff I have built over the past 6 years. I may end up posting them up in a thread - “6 Years of Angus513” - What do you reckon? :smiley:

wow this is incredible, wow wow wow

i’d like to see a thread with all of your work compiled too. i have no words for this

AMAZING. You have some good talents with ship making

some dedication right there

pretty cool

Theres a fine line between dedication and madness haha

I’ll look into making a collection of my past contraptions, there are that many Im not sure Garry would appriciate it clogging up his forum, I may have to release it as an ebook instead lol

Trust me, I’d rather see more contraption threads clogging up (which they aren’t) the GMod section rather than misplaced help threads.


Difference is, I’ve not abandoned the Hood :smiley: