Ho Jeez! First my mom, and then my sister?!



The spy sure is a good lover

Is the Heavy watching porn or Spy and Fescout watching a heavy? Anyway nice quality, looking forwatd for the day you’ll try out Photoshoop. :3

Scouts face is priceless.

Scouts face… Can i have it as an avatar?
Nice detail with the heavy, intel case and bobblehead.

Ov course :wink:

Lol awesome

10 seconds later. I posed as quickly as i could, so don’t blame me for the lame collition between the models, also i can’t find the blue female scout
“home freakin’ run… you all suck”


The heavy on the tv is awesome, reminds me of tellsell.

gtanoofa thats great

oh thank you :slight_smile: if i had time the screenshot would be way better

It looks funny that way because it looks like they came out of nowhere.

yeah the heavy called them xD


Scout’s gonna be an uncle!

gtanoofa sappin’ mah thread! :v:

“what could it mean ?” raep faic

:’( mah thread.

Hey gtanoofa look at this tool :


“starting gmod” o woot

Scout’s face is priceless.