Ho to Disable this?

I dont know why this is enabled 4 me.
Im admin on this server an now everyone can see my track with a white line…


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Make sure your server is up to date.

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fffffffff ninja’d

So this means an other admin has marked me with “x” and only a dev can remove this?!

Has the server been restarted? Has it been wiped and restarted?

the server is up to date. restarted. no wipe

Have someone try Left shift x while they are viewing you in spectate.

If nothing else works, I’m pretty sure a wipe will fix it.

okay L_shift+X doesnt work. then i wait for an update which requires a wipe. thanks a lot for the attempt to help me

Did you have another admin do it WHILE spectating you?

jap… we tried it with and w/o spectating… nothing :frowning: