Hoarding/Stealing SNPC

Well, basically, I’m wondering if someone could make a “hoarding” SNPC that would attempt to steal small props (i.e. anything gravgun-able) and hoard them in a specific area, probably a small radius around where it was spawned, or a location chosen randomly from the map’s AI nodes.

Alternatively, a thief SNPC that would grab a small prop and then attempt to flee from any player or NPC that gets close enough.

Not really looking for anything special in the way of models or animations, a random citizen or rebel model with the “stolen” prop floating next to it will do.

Quick, someone model the cats off monster hunter ^^ Mrow :3:

Its a funny idea :stuck_out_tongue: might work, im not sure.

You mean like Dog?

This would be nice.
And I agree with Scrake that DOG would be suitable for this purpose, having an in-built gravity gun in his hand.

Yes. But it would be better to have a citizen model that actually picks things up and runs away.

Yes, I was originally thinking Dog would be a good choice, but then I realized that as far as I can tell, he has no “walking while holding” animations.

As it is, a citizen able to pick up things Concerned style and then run off with them would be just fine.

Yeah. Plus, dog is too big. It just wouldn’t seem right.

Antlions are hunter-gatherers. AND they can get nearly everywherere except water. Have an antlion worker or something taking things away…I mean, in EP2 there are skeletons in the grub tunnels.

Here is the strangest, wildest yet…
An Advisor (impossible) or a grub that drags things with a web?

Sorry about that, but I was eager to contribute.