hobo maggot



Welcome back, son.


i was just beginning to ask myself “where is faraon”

I find your lack of human droppings distur-
[Looks at astronaut guy]

And now IM beginning to ask myself “when is faraon leaving”


You should be considered a professional Garry’s Mod poser.

Now this is some quality faraon defecation!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to keep trying to see what the hell that is behind the window.

what is this i dont even

It looks like a gremlin.

it looks like a garbage can containing Oscar the Grouch holding up Deadmau5 with a big pipe

or just shit


probably just shit

What drugs do you take,man? No,seriously. I need to try some of that shit

Why are you guys such jerks to Faraon?


“How did I end up in this wall?!” xD

Envy causes arsehurt.

Dat Dumb graffiti

Who is that coming out of the anus of humanity?

This is just artistic… It’s whacko, but I friggin’ love it. Brilliant pic, make more of those!