Hobo's House

I took this picture of the house of a Hobo, I found it funny.


A jumble of props eh? Has no feel, or anything for that matter and, most of all, you didn’t make it. I could do better any day of the week.

I could do better any day of the week.

seems about right… Every hobo house I’ve ever seen has had a helicopter tail.


WTF is this shit.

A stupid thread about a crappy house in god damned roleplayland.

mmm. this too.

I dont quite get the point of roleplay.

I personally love roleplaying as a hobo, but to do so I use cardboard boxes, newspapers, tires and broken refrigerators.



10/10 would read again


My poop looks better than this.

Are we sure it’s not that in actuality the “house” itself is a hobo? Complete with picket sign?


I like how whenever someone comes in an posts like this, their screenshots are always full of lua errors.

Do they also come with hung babies?

[sp]Look below the helicopter’s tail[/sp]

Every single time :arghfist::smug: