"Hogan"-that robot guy you see in every student 3D animated assignment

Here’s something I thought would be kinda fun. Can someone port the “Hogan” character? Like the title says, Hogan is a widely used, fully rigged 3D character used by a lot of students for 3D animation assignments. If you’ve ever watched an animation student’s demo reel, chances are you’ve seen him. This would probably be a fun thing to have in Gmod/SFM, I think.

I made an FBX version of the rig (Originally made for Autodesk Maya) that you can download here: http://a.pomf.se/zpmqfn.fbx



If enough people made really terrible porn edits of this model, would the community be forced to start using something else?

I don’t think that’s ever been a thing…

Hogan sounds like the teapot of rigged animation.

Pretty much.

Might as well upload the fbx here

Yeah, I just updated the OP with a download link.

If this Hogan gets ported, we’ll have him before there’s a standard animation system in Gmod. It’s been about ten years and we still had to wait for SFM to come out.

Source Film Maker

Your FBX imports oddly into Max 2012, half the faces are flipped and his head is floating in mid air. Mind just exporting the mesh only as obj or something?

EDIT: NVM, was my fault, didn’t have the deforms/bones thing ticked at import

Actually if you can get just the mesh with the skin modifiers or just an OBJ that would be great

Wouldn’t an OBJ break the rig? This literally has a professionally designed rig attached to it, it would make no sense to get rid of it and re-rig it when you’ve got a perfectly good rig already there…

Also, I actually don’t know what you mean by “skin modifiers”.

Well, if you want it in Source, it’s gonna have to be re-rigged anyways most likely.

If you want it on the biped it will.

I guess if it helps, I’ll put up an OBJ file of the model as well in a moment.

Yeah, the original rig isn’t going to help in porting it to source.

Might try and add some face posing to it though.