Hoist by his own petard


[sp]incase it isnt clear they flung him at the other fort[/sp]

I don’t really get the joke.

The premise, context, and punchline are rather lost on me unless it’s just “guy gets flung and goes splat ha ha”.

All the poses look really great though, good lighting/angles/posing/expressions.

well there’s not really much else to it other than guy mistakenly gets flung at a castle on a intoxicated commanding officers orders.

The right one looks like he is peeing on his corpse. Lowered hands go at sides not in front.

Good posing, funny and interesting, not sure I like the lighting in the first location, as it feels far too artificial.

The editting and scenebuilds are really well done. The joke went a bit over me? Could someone explain to me?

not necessarily i rest my hands on my thighs when im standing up sometimes.

his hands aren’t close enough together to be holding his throbbing cock.

also there is no corpse, only splatter of blood

Ah, so the “hoist the deserter” part means shoot the guy with the catapult at the enemy’s fortress? I just realized that they have different insignias on their armor. At first I thought they were all on the same team. Really neat speech bubble edits btw.

Marvelous shots, and I don’t understand the joke, but it was still amusing and humorous to me.