Hola soy Novato :D

Hola amigos de facepunch soy un Novato :smiley: Soy Lr25n

Espero que esta gran pagina apoye mis ganas de ser un artista con el gmod :smiley:

HUmmm soy fanatico del Left 4 dead 1 y 2 asi que hice unas imagenes :smiley:

Gracias por ver el tema :smiley: suerte a todos :smiley:


Habla Ingles por favor.

Speak English please.

Please, use english language. Otherwise, Me gusta.

Great pics but english please

was ist das

I have no idea why Spanish and Italian speaking people always assume that everyone else in internet speaks their language as well, is that because of the dubbing? But that can’t be since almost everyone else use it as well. Must be something else. :downs:

I was going to type in sign-language, then I realized I couldn’t type that.
I was kind of disappoint.

So instead I will use Klingon to express my non-comprehension.

I don’t think he made some of the first three… I remember seeing them posted on a release page before…

uno cervesa por favor

English, motherfucker.

The first one is funny.

“Hello, I’m New”

Hello Facepunch, I’m a newbie :smiley: I am Lr25n.

I hope this thread shows my desire to be an artist with Gmod. :smiley:

Well, I am a fan of Left 4 Dead (2), so I took some screenshots. :smiley:
Please read my thread. :smiley: Good luck to all of you. :D*

All very good.

Hey buddy, here everyone speaks english


Pics are decent. But speak English please.

Learn English you fucking idiot. *Flips you off

That’s all one really needs to know in Spanish isn’t it?

Hola, cómo estás?

These are pretty good images.