"Hold him still while I pull it out!"

Been lacking good material ideas… so I did this



holy shit. Amazing.

SDoF looks awkward, but that’s me.

You’re improved quite a lot after you came back from your break which is great! I like it as well.

The ball cap makes it IMO, adds a touch of… down to earth-ness?
I can’t explain it.

And then it blows up and everyone gets vaporized.


Not enough blood on the wounded Rebel.Other then that,its an awesome picture.

I like blood on rebel’s hand.

uh oh, I wouldnt touch that. nice picture, has a classic gmod feel to it.

Is the flechette that big?

what the fuck did I just say

She looks like she’s flexing. The flechette itself looks kind of strange since is perfectly vertical.

But it is a nice picture.

Good posing and stuff.

I like what you did with the fletchette for some reason. I had an idea similar to that at one time too, looks like you beat me to it :v:.

Nice posing! Rebel poses are always nice :3

That man must have a rubber neck :open_mouth:
I like it, but wouldn’t it just explode inside him?

Am I the only one who was expecting rape? Like…

'Hold him still while I pull out! HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG-!"