"Hold me in your arms."

Editing by MasterFGH (thanks for this).


Hey, I did the edit, looks good.

Not possible.

Title reminds of that “Hold Me In Your Arms” song by Rick Astley.

Neat, I like the editing.

Wow, very good, but it seems like theirs a bit too much negative space to the left. Love the edit though.

And i thought Zoey loved Louis? She’s always hinting at it :stuck_out_tongue:

Bah. Louis is a cover up. She’s actually got the hots for Bill.

great editing

Francis is the best character anyway. Not just because he’s the oddest one in the bunch, but because you’d expect someone like him to survive… A 60 year old vietnam veteran who survives a viral apacolypse? A black business man who spent time at shooting still targets? A spunky teenage girl? No, none of those applicants sound or look like they have what it takes to survive something like this, but Francis, HES A FUCKING BIKER! God knows how much shit hes seen and dealt with. Hes the most likely character to of survived any of this.

The editing is incredible.

That is epic great editing

Yeah? Then why is he the biggest wimp? He shrieks so much at the least of things, and don’t say it’s comic relief because it’s part of his character. Louis only screams when he flies off a building, and Bill is only around 50 if you paid any attention. He’s got combat experience and I’d imagine, being in Vietnam, has taken injuries before. Also, what’s so bad about Louis being a BLACK business man? Why mention it? Even without combat experience, Louis and Zoey are the younger characters, and represent energy. Francis and Bill are older and represent experience. None of them would survive alone, that’s why they’re the perfect group.

Louis and Zoey scream way more then Francis… And as you say it’s “part of his character” since he does it, i guess the intro to the game was part of his character too, where he fired a shotgun with dead on accuracy with ONE hand AND he told bill to move it while HE would hold off the tank… He seems like a badass mofo to me. I’m not saying that the other characters are stupid, i’m just saying, Francis is the one best suited for an event such as this.

Yeah? Who the fuck cares?


I just fealt like getting a convo started, im sorry if that’s against the rules :V

Francis and Bill are the best characters, end of story.
A businessman cant survive, a teenage girl cant survive.

Great picture.


I thought that Francis says: “I hate Zoey!” :smiley:

This is awesome!


Zoey’s a woman, and Louis doesn’t even scream that much. Plus he didn’t even fire at the tank when he said he’d hold it off. By the way the game isn’t meant to be realistic, if he fired a shotgun one handed like that it wouldn’t have turned out nearly as optimal. He’s not a badass mofo - he’s just ignorant.

You just don’t get it, do you.