" Hold my hand ! "


Even gay love will prevail in wars

he’s not gay…

Obviously he is, don’t you see him reaching for the other guy’s dick?

nope >: ( he’s not reaching for his dick

u gay ?

No, and considering the fact that you make gay poses, I’d say you’re the gay one.

I mean, the guy on the right is clearly reaching for the guy on the left’s crotch.


look! he’s not gay

You should check your Paged Pool Memory because I get the feeling its low.

Wher’d you get those motherfuckers ? I like these skins. Also you forgot to fingerpose the guy holding the gun and see some clipping problems.

Ah, that explains it, then.

It would have been better if the focus was actually on their hands to prevent misunderstandings.

LOL !! your right

Hold my dick.

“Johnson, come down here and help me with my Johnson.”

I need those skins! Linky please?