"Hold on, medic!"

I’ve decided to make some TF2 SS. Let’s see how this goes. This particular one is a test with Super DoF. I think I’m getting Its mechanics etc. C&C welcome:


You should have put a bear, or dogs at the bottom.

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Yeah, would be fun =D

I like it :slight_smile:

Sweet! Thank you very much! This is like a honor for me when someone like you comments positevely to my SS =D

Awesome pic, the angle is perfect.
Also nice posing in general (face and body posing).

Camera is kinda fish-eyed and the green tint is a little excessive. Posing and faceposing is good though.

Great to read that! Thank you very much.

PS: I took this idea from the EP2 Trailer where you can see Alyx grabbing a pipe and then like falling off ;D

Or a bunch of blue Scouts at the bottom :smiley:

should have put flying sharks that shoot lasers from their eyes on the bottom