"Hold still, schweinhund, zhis vill only sting for a moment."

“Mmmh…Zhis popocrn is wunderbar!”

I don’t get it.

Your title and comment doesnt match the picture at all.

Medic came to where soldier was sitting, tranqualized him, stole his popcorn and is now watching his television.


Yeah, I know.
I just couldn’t find any suitable title.

I thought they were both watching a movie, but since they’re on different teams I didn’t get how it was possible.

As you can see Soldier is unconscious and has a syringe stuck in his neck (near the helmet).

It looks like medic is offering popcorn and soldier is in pain for some reason.

Their expressions don’t really seem to fit in what you had in mind.

On the bright side posing is really good.

Oh and I didn’t notice the syring until you said it.

I should of moved the syringe, I knew it was gonna be hard to see it.

Looks more like the Soldier has a heart attack, lol.

Very nice posing, and I’m diggin the lighting.