"Hold them back!" Rictofen ordering Takeo

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C&C :ohdear:


Very nice, shadows are weird though.

Music somehow reminds me of Killing Floor.

The gun looks strange and he has a very very bright spot on his hand. Besides that it looks pretty good. Oh, and some spots around the models from where you edited.

Yay, you fixed the hand. Gun still looks a bit funky.

bad isolation on rictofen’s left arm.

Yeah, I see that now

The posing is really awkward. Takeo’s just standing there, and Rictofen’s arm looks strange. Muzzle flash isn’t that great, either. Lightning’s cool.

Thanks bud

That’s some pretty piss-poor, or perhaps non-existent, isolation. In fact I would go so far as to say it ruins the whole picture, which is a shame because the posing and muzzleflash are okay.

Isn’t richtofens hair black? He looks general amsel with grey hair.

I don’t like the blur,lightning and isolationg at all, the blur looks like you went over it with the smugde tool. Also what is it with random shadows?

Takeo’s arm be clipping, and what the rest said. Otherwise I like it :smiley:
I think you should re-do it and fix some of the bad stuff.

Alright, ill have a newer one later

Second attempt… The rope stands out way too much, also is that fog or rain? If it is fog, then it makes sense why Richy there is isolated, but if it is rain then it makes no sense. The only large problem I see here is the rope. Overall good job, it looks much better than the old one.

Lets go with fog…

oh when are this models im so excited if they ever come out

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