Hold typr

What hold type would I use to get 2 hands on a weapons, like a Desert Eagle, but not have that revolver animation?

Are you saying that your hands are invisible?

Or, are you wondering what Hold type to use?

I want to know the hold type to use, but the only one with 2 hands has a revolver animation http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/Hold_Types

I don’t think you can use any holdtype outside of the hl2 ones. However you can create an animate your own with lua.

Can’t you change the hold type right before you reload?(I know you can change hold types basically whenever, so I don’t see why this wouldn’t work.) Basically have the revolver hold type and when you reload swap over to pistol.

The hold-type “pistol” is the one with one-hand on the pistol. “revolver” hold-type has two hands, no need to change to pistol when reloading because the animation already takes it into consideration and will play the correct animation for the particular gun ( it should, or you can set up in your weapon base which reload-animation to play ).

“shotgun” is for a long-gun at hip level, “passive” is long-gun at rest across low-abdomen area, “ar2” is long-gun aiming down the sights.

When you update the hold-type, be sure to network it. Although, the newer weapon_base or the weapon meta-table did have some changes happen to the HoldType function, so it may be automatically networked now. I’m not sure.

If he wants 2 hands on the gun, but without the unfitting revolver reload then it wouldn’t really be such a bad idea. But if you just leave the revolver reload hold type it will play the revolver reload too, just tested it.