Hold Up (In game editing Only)

My first pose for quite a while now, all editing is in game (because I need to reinstall Photoshop)
Feel free to edit it yourself

Large Image Ahoy:


Without post processing (In case you want to edit):

C&C welcome

Nice posing and camera angle.

Looking forward to your reinstallation of Photoshop.

Awesome scenebuild and nice posing. The only thing I didn’t like is that some of the survivor’s faces are being blocked.

it looks great.
nice posing

Yeah that’s intentional, didn’t wanna break the rule of thirds + I didn’t want to show anyone’s face fully (louis was also going to be hidden mostly, so that you couldn’t see anyone’s face, but it got waaay to crowded behind the right operative)

Someone needs to give those models finger riggings.

Agreed, their fantastic models, just no finger posing is a bitch

Looks great, and it would make more sense for their to be some kinda US soldier or swat team with them in a zombie outbreak

Yeah I read something ages ago (just before L4D’s release) think it was fan fiction, saying how the survivors got together, Bill and Francis already knew each other via local pub (explains their ‘rivalry’) Louis saved Zoey from a car crash, where the driver ‘died’, Zoey and Louis were helped by two cops, the cops found Francis and Bill, and then the cops got killed (though ok these are SF, but I may do a pose about that later…If I can be arsed)