"Hold up..." - Some Guardsmen on a motorised patrol in the woods

Not my best, but then it would be dull if I always was. Apologies for the dark picture but, as you can see from the comparison posted below, it already has been brightened in the necessary places quite a lot and anymore would result in a lot of colour artifacts (I say a lot, but what I mean is more than the bunch that are already making this picture look horrible).


C&C and what have you, but please spare my poor soul by not talking too much about the nasty artifacts.

Edit: This works pretty good as a background if you can be bothered to flip it.

Looks nice, but I’m not sure why you called them Guardsmen. Guardsmen don’t have anything like a humvee. Motorized patrol would probably be sentinels.

The darkness is good, it adds a nice atmosphere to the picture whereas the other way around it wouldn’t be quite so sexy

Nice, I particularly like the headlights. Good job once again.

The guy looks real. Anyways I think the grass is sorta ugly :stuck_out_tongue:

Gracias for the positive comment and, well, there are a number of reasons:

  1. I needed a sci-fi soldier, but I didn’t want to use the usual Halo 3/MW2 combination because I’ve overdone it. These Crysis soldiers turned Guardsmen I made catch the light of lamps incredibly well, so they were suitable for the picture.

  2. A jeep works for the camera angle, has good headlights for the picture and looks cool.

  3. How do we know the guardsmen don’t have jeeps? It’s perfectly logical that they would do - they would be very useful for certain tasks. Regardless, this can be classified as fan-fiction so I can use my artistic license.

awesome lighting

Cheers. Yeah the grass is a shame but I couldn’t use the other nicer grass effects because the green ones are fullbright and the others go fullbright if a lamp catches them even a tiny bit. Oh well.

They do have jeeps, the Elysians use the Tauros, no reason why other regiments can’t.

That might have been the nerdiest comment I’ve ever read, but I thank you for backing me up. :3:

Not as nerdy as I could of been, but I would not of thought it would be appreciated, so why waste time.


nice, posing looks good so does the lighting

i dont know if its just me, but is the pic a bit blurry?

Thanks, mate.

Yeah I had to make it a tad blurry. I don’t usually like to do that. I enjoy nice sharp characters and depth-of-field. It’s because the grass was really ugly and sharp, the phong on the characters was too sharp and the brightening and headlights had created a bunch of artifacts that needed to be masked at least a little. Apologies for the out-of-character bluriness.

I like this screenshot very much.

Sweet light work Chesty. How the hell do you do those headlights:shobon: Gimp or Photoshop? I got the basics, but I never got it to look this good.

Thanks a lot!

For the headlights, just some paint tool and gaussian blur really. Big white spots for the lights, then pretty much just follow the muzzleflash part of my tutorial after that, but with less colour.

Slender man!

Excellent editting; the ediiting with the darkness and headlights are awesome!

that ban was so unnecessary…

some mods really need to calm down.

inb4 I get banned because I said something against a mod.

Looks pretty awesome, I like the atmosphere.