"Hold up Squad" (11 pictures)

Different Angles, and what not.

Rate and comment please.

I like Em but it looks wierd when somone has an awp in close quarters. But other then that it looks really cool!

looks like vacant

I tried to divide the squad up into classes, such as Rifleman, Heavy support, Sharpshooter, Squad lead, and close range assault.


That’s because it is Vacant, Dm_Vacant to be exact.




The posing’s nice though.

I put the (11 pictures) in the thread title for a reason, but thanks for the comment.

Nice posing. ALso that’s not an AWP :v:

nice posing

The posing is good except for the stocks of the weapons.
the first one is seriously clipping
the second one is way too high, he’ll hit his shoulder with the grip and sprain his wrist if he shoots it like that
the third one (fourth pic though, can’t see the stock in the 3rd pic weapon) is holding the weapon against his biceps, an equally bad idea as the above.

But as said, aside from that good posing and stuff, rating artistic.