Hold your Breath.


This image came about from idea I had to combine a few ragdolls to create a different form of creature. The original was going to be less… What’s the word… Helpless? But after finding the Zoey - Dress model, I can’t say it stuck too well. It was only after the scene was built did I realize the model had a few minor faults (I.E. Broken finger posing, clipping issues, etc.) so forgive me on that front.

I can’t say I’m thrilled with the build, but I did enjoy it.

The first one is alright, but there’s a lot of useless, wasted space around where the dead guy is. There should either be more dead people or less space around there.

The blur is not well placed in the second one.

The third picture is…dumb, plain and simple. What the hell is that floating thing on the left of the screen? Also, the hook in the monster’s hand is floating, and not even being gripped properly.

In both pictures, the characters that are supposed to be hiding are hiding somewhere where they can be very very VERY easily seen. The girl in the first two has her back against a wide open…opening in the table, and the guy in the third isn’t is hardly concealed.

The posing is alright I suppose, but the girl in the first one is positioned oddly. Why would she be sitting like that? Someone hiding should be positioned in a way that allows them to haul ass if they’re discovered, which that girl is decidedly not.

Alsojames said it, the third picture is really really dumb (no offence) The first one looks alright.

The first was the finished thought of the third. I will remove it for posterity.

The third picture, again, is a concept image, and isn’t an actual pose.

I mentioned that the girl’s model isn’t as quality as I had hoped it to be, but focused my scene around her, and did not see a fitting replacement model.

Why is she sitting like that? I don’t know, perhaps she slipped and fell on the milk, and had to scramble into place.

In life, there does tend to be a lot of “empty space” especially in a kitchen where people are moving through quickly and shouldn’t have to worry about tripping.

As for the blur, I apologize for it, as I still have no like for it, nor do I have any practice with it.

bullshit excuse. if you’re not ready to do something 100%, don’t do it at all. otherwise you’ll never improve. even concepts should have effort put into them. don’t hold yourself back.

Good idea. It’s always better to only post the finalized product. Only show multiple pictures if you’re telling a story through multiple pictures, or you’re showing before-and-after shots.

See above.

It’s fine, honestly, especially considering the lighting.

You should focus on everything, but really, the girl in the first picture was probably among the best things about it.

If the audience has to question it and it wasn’t made to be quesitoned, it should be altered. And this definitely was not made to be questioned.

Like Joazz said, bullshit excuse. In real life, there’s not an 8-foot tall albino monstrosity with a bodybuilder physique slaughtering people. Tighten up your shots, reduce the distance between subject and background, and ensure nothing is being wasted.

It was only really in the third picture. The DOF was better implemented in the first.