Hold your breath...


i know, vertical pictures are quiet uncomfortable to watch,sorry guys!

Looks like a scene from a movie.
At first glance, it looked like the guy was holding the gun to her head.

Finger to the trigger :ohdear:

If it goes off, they’re really screwed.

I like this. You manage to create the right atmosphere. Choice of infected was spot on. I always thought that model looked the most scary.

Great work, I got a chill :ohdear:

Wow, that looks incredible. The infected looking through the window just gives me chills.

Good God that is fucking awesome.

great concept but that burn job is absolutely terrible.

dat trigger discipline.

Nice picture.

i like the lighting on the zombie

The infected gives me the creeps. :ohdear:

Great picture, really gives you the sense of fear and hiding from the infected like from 28 Days Later. You don’t think of the infected here as guys who can just run around mowing down hundreds of zombies.

All the shadows are way too soft and the lighting on the couple looks weird. Where is the light coming from anyway?

That’s really nice.
The title suits it quite well.

Pretty scary. This picture really shows the mood.