Hold your fire. I got this one.


Dont comment the graphics or quality. Tell me what to improve.

To improve: the angle and generally the posing.

The posing is stiff and not very dynamic, there is no movement shown.
The angle is very restricting and it really isen’t good for the scene, as you want to show a equal amount of the characters and the scene. Also known as composition.

I’m gonna comment on the quality/graphics anyway, as those two are also key elements;
The graphics SHOULD be set to the highest when taking a picture, if it lags alittle that’s fine.
The smoke is quite bad, to add, and the image is very… brown-ish.
Make it more colorfull, not too much, and it’ll be much better.

Remember, higher your resolution aswell!

lighting is too flat and dark in overall value
stark white concrete is too distracting
the muzzleflash on the chopper is unnecessary, not just in terms of realism, but it’s too distracting to the eye
crack in the falling down building shows… the sky behind it? odd
smoke is overlapping the car in the foreground

background needs some desaturation and lower contrast - the picture is too busy with the same contrast throughout. get some depth by making the background less colourful and contrasted - you can do this by using the in-game fog options.
lack of depth also makes the foreground too busy - all the characters kinda merge into each other
no idea what the focus of your picture is. naturally it should be the soldier in the mid-ground with the knife but there’s so much other stuff going on and the whole picture is so evenly contrasted that i’m not really sure what i should be looking at.

posing is decent enough
scenebuild is okay

The knife is a myth.

I have to agree with everyone else. The Smoke looks bad, the angle isnt great, the Apache is distracting, the crack looks bad, posing is stiff, and everything has a brownish tinge. Its OK, just work on it.

I’d hate to file the paper work after this.

‘Yes sir, my partner died after challenging the enemy to a knife fight instead of shooting him.’