Holes in walls like F.E.A.R. Holes! :)


I think it would be cool!!!

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I think this is mapping related.

no you can change the details bullets make, but being the kind soul that he is didn’t bring any pictures of what they look like

but this type of stuff can be done

it holes when you shoot


Basically, he means the decals/sprites made on the walls when you shoot them - the bullet holes.

no, its obvious you havent played FEAR.

look at the walls and the floor.
this isnt a sprite, this is mapping related.

Shoot a wall and get me an in-game screenshot after completely checking it over. Any non-descript, non-destrucible wall. There’s a difference between map objects that can be destroyed (Geomod, anyone?), and detailed bullethole sprites that look 3D but aren’t.

EDIT: Plus, that screenshot isn’t a good example. Any bulletholes are blocked or hard to focus on from that angle.

None of you people know what you’re talking about.

Red Faction had a feature like this, but it only worked with explosives.

No those were like, massive craters.

These are little craters whenever you shoot a cement material in f.e.a.r, plenty of games use this im not sure about doing the same thing in source.

source uses flat decals as its bullet holes, boring flat decals

and the sledgehammer :smiley:

I thought he was referring to the original Red Faction. The good one.

Can’t you create a bump map for the decals? so it’ll look like 3D but it isn’t.

I don’t think Source has or can handle… Hm, what was it?

But then again, what do I know? I’m no coder/modeler/skinner/anything.

yeah, more modern games use parallax mapping for their bullet holes

Cheaper trick than making the walls actually destructible. Some game that had this completely done would be fuckin’ awesome. But back to the subject, F.E.A.R bullet holes are too heavily coded for Source to handle, i’d say.

Yeah the 1st one was the one I was referring to. I still have the game, both discs too :smile:

Jesus Christ, no one in here as any idea what they are talking about…

F.E.A.R. bullet holes, or decals, are just textures with parallax mapping. They look pretty 3D, but if you get close and at an angle, it is obvious they are not. Can the Source engine do this? Yes. Is the decal system that Source uses incredibly retarded? You betchia.

In the end though, it won’t look the same because Source engine uses a lot of baked lighting effects, whereas F.E.A.R. completely relied on dynamic shadowing and lighting which makes parallax mapping and normal mapping look really good.