Holiday Apartments

I decided to take a break from updating Townsend and make a posing map. I worked on this for a few hours now and I’m wondering whether to put it in townsend as well as a posing map. Here are some screen shts and remember that none of it is finished so don’t go bitching.

Outside View 1

Outside View 2

Looking up at the Balconys

Unfinished Apartment

1 of 2 parking bays under the apartments

add more curves, as of now it’s pretty blocky.


oh and more interesting textures

And interesting lighting on the outside.

…And the inside.

It looks simple, but I love the exterior. It reminds me of those hastily-built vacation buildings in Florida.
The interior needs some work though.

Looking good Jamzster, Improve the lighting and the textures and it will look fine.

Its designed to be as it is and not curved.

nice start for a map; it looks exactly like the beach houses by my house

Is it possible to use different textures other than the original HL2 ones? The HL2 ones look old and torn and doesn’t really fit well with a building such as this.

I think If you added lighting, and made a few other features, shops, resturaunts, other buildings, pools, etc., then it could be a really nice map.
And less blockyness.

Oh yea, you might want to look into getting some custom textures or textures from other games, because as hl2poo said, the HL2 ones look old and torn.

Looks just like the holiday apartments that I stayed at in Queensland.
Textures looks like shit though. Make some nice, neat, custom ones.