Hollow Bugs..

I make a box, and press Ctrl+H and make it 32 hollow. Now after I do that my block just vanishes…I have to do it like 40 times for it to work. How do i fix it?

Tried a different number??

why don’t you make the box manually? brush by brush…

Yea, i fiqure using a Hollow box and ungrouping the sides. Would be alot faster.

This is truly alot better in your case. Just don’t be lazy lol

yea, they all disapear in any number…:\

I have never, ever used hollow and never intend to.

No, my maps i use a Giant hollow box to prevent leaks…i just change the textures on the inside. And other parts of the maps are brushes.

That’s a dumb way to seal leaks. Do it the smart way and don’t kill VVIS.


Read that, over and over, until you understand it. Before I eat you.

It doesn’t kill VVIS my water, and Lights work fine…

Don’t. Put. Your. Map. In. A. Hollow. Box.

I’m ready to eat you for being ignorant.
I posted the link, have the courtesy to skim read it at least, you might learn something, like why that’s a bbad idea.

Hollow boxes are a good quick way to seal leaks, but they increase compile times and don’t help with overall performance of the map.

WTF r u talking about? that link didn’t work when i clicked onit.


OK then, mabye i will use brushes then. I fucking hate waiting hours for the stupid thing to compile…

Hours? What are you doing, spamming lights in a huge map with a spam of NPCs? And what you are making hollow boxes out of are brushes…

well not hours, that was on my old computer. Takes me about 30 minutes ti 1 hour depending on the size and how much lighting.

yea, im using brushes.

That compile is taking too long.

Link works fine for me. Someone else confirm?

Working for me.