Hollow physics model problem?

Im trying to make a certain part of a physics model to be hollow.

Each element has its own smooth group, and they work the way their supposed to ingame. However one of the elements is supposed to be hollow… kinda like a “tube” but it is completely solid. Is there some special way of doing this?

The element has its normals flipped, its own smooth group and what not… not sure what im supposed to do.

-pics- jpeg80 ~182kb
Middle part of the ship is not hollow :frowning:


** Separate element with own smoothgroup**


switch your convex/concave

What do you mean?
I have $concave in the .qc’s $collisionmodel if that means anything.

well firstly, make sure your collision model itself is tubular, if not, make it so, recompile try, if that doesnt work/isn’t the problem try switching to convex in your qc

Source only supports convex collision hulls. It can’t be concave (e.g. a tube or a bowl)

You’d have to construct each side of the hollow area using separate pieces I believe, and for something as oddly shaped as the Normandy, that’s a real issue.

But why exactly do you want the body of the ship to be hollow? Is there anything inside it?

So then the real question in general… inorder to recreate this phx prop;


I would have to create more then 40 correctly positioned and rotated rectangles? There must be some easier way to make a tube like phys mesh.

No, there is not an easier way. However, in this example I would say that you should simplify it at least a little bit to maybe 20 boxes.

Tube primitive. Detach each segment so they’re all individual pieces.

I think, at least. That’s the only way I could possibly imagine the maker of those PHX props did the collisions for the curved pieces.

I mean, the fact that he even got the hemisphere models to collide properly is fucking crazy.

Was able to make a tube phys model using plane_slices to generate a couple of rectangles to fit the tube structure near perfect.
Could probably write a script that rotates the plane and slices for an x amount of segments. I can see this being used efficiently to create the phx tube…

Now as for the normandy… waaaaay to complex it is possible but the amount of effort required to see it happen is immense. Ill let you guys know how it turns out, thanks for the help…

time to get to work!

When I did that one time, I just made a cylinder, then deleted all but one little segment thing and sealed the sides, then used the array tool to duplicate it all the way around.


Er, tube not cylinder.