Hollow sphere in XSI?

Does anyone know of a tutorial, or is willing to show me how to make a hollow sphere in XSI? I’m trying to figure out how to make better planet skies for spacebuild, and it seems the way to go would be to have the sky on the inside of the planet shell. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Make a second sphere inside it and flip the normals?

flip the whatzits?

Do a normal sphere and filp the normals, look for that in the manual.

Select all faces and press flip

Don’t ask me where flip is I don’t use XSI

You want something like this right, just without the cut off piece?

I made a little tutorial for your :slight_smile:

Create a sphere with any size you want and start following the steps.

In XSI “flip” is called “invert”, just wanted to mention for all the non-XSI users :wink:

the outer faces aren’t really needed though so don’t forget to tell him to delete those in the tutorial

Well than he should just stop after step 1.

Thought he wanted to texture both sides of the sphere…

Awesome, I’ll try out that tutorial. I do need both sides of the sphere, so that looks like just what I need.

Here’s another question for you. The planet’s sky will be the inside of the sphere, so what I’ll need to do is have a semi-transparent blue texture on the inside of the sphere. for the transparency, is that just a matter of having a transparent texture (something I can do in PS no problem) or do I need to do something special in XSI?

Transparency is handled by the textures,
either in the *.vmt or in the alpha channel of the texture.
So there’s nothing to do in XSI.

Just use a boolean…