Excellent texture quality and general lighting- the character and rocks look phenomenal. That spot in the middle of the image, by his knee and above, doesn’t look so great- it appears as though you maybe tried to darken something that was almost pure white, if so I’d advise compositing multiple images at varying light strength to give you a more quality control over specific lighting. My other critique is that top right, those organic veins or roots overlaid on top of the rock look very low fidelity and really clash with how sharp the rock is, not to mention their occasional disappearance confuses me.

you gissa neeen atta teeen

10/10 on soundtrack choice alone. Excellent image all around.


i wanted to give the rock throne a kind of overgrown look, in foresight i should of used portal 2’s foliage props.

or alternativly themask lets me have a lil looksies in his scenebuild pack hueheheh

10/10 on everything and the music as well. I have a question. That weird flora right above the lamp? Is that a portal 2 thing or something? It doesn’t look familiar for some reason.

its from left4dead2

I never was a fan of your work, but this one is pretty nice. Have a winner.

gee thanks mister

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i dont like your stuff either cunt

Don’t really wanna take things off topic, but being that hostile you’re probably never going to convert him.

I’m sure there are people who can’t stand my pictures, getting super defensive won’t fix the problem. Yeah, it was kind of a dick move of him to come in here and say he doesn’t like your work (even though he DID say he likes this one), but you could’ve asked him why he doesn’t like it, or ignored it, instead of calling him a cunt right away :v:

I see this happen all over the forums, people get all hostile towards eachother over shit that really doesn’t matter. It’s how dumb drama is born.

Sorry for going off topic, as I said before I love the picture, it really is one of your best.

Where is the lantern from?

Yeah, jenks, there’s literally zero reason to get mad at someone who’s just stated they don’t like your work, and it definitely doesn’t make him a cunt. It would be nice if he’d have explained why, but getting mad at someone for politely saying they don’t care for your stuff is pretty immature. How are you expecting to get good criticism if people see you react like that?

I’m not actually mad

I say whatever don’t put so much thought into it

The lantern is from skyrim