Hollowed Sphere

I wanted to make a hollow sphere, but using the hollow tool obviously creates terrible brushwork. Is there a better way to create a hollow sphere?

The sphere tool also creates horrible brushwork, spheres should always be models or displacements. Create a hollow cube (by hand) and turn the insides and outsides into displacements then subdivide them all.

You can’t move displacements, can you? Sorry, I forgot to mention, but I will need this sphere to move.

You’ll need to make it a model.

As long as you get the size:sides ratio correct, the sphere primitive is fine.

Damn. Well, ok.

You could probably make it out of displacements and then turn it into a model using propper if you don’t want to tackle a 3D modelling application.

Oh, Propper works with displacements too? I thought it was brushwork only.


Oh, it does! Hey can you recap on how to make hollowed sphere with displacements? I tried to make a hollow cube and subdivide it, but it just makes a mess.

If I recall correctly you don’t get collisions with displacements when you make it into a prop using Propper.

Yeah you would be best just making the sphere in a modelling program.

You can manually add them using the clip texture.