Hollywood Holocaust Remake (need help with getting original "feel")

A friend and I have been killing time over the past few days working on remaking Hollywood Holocaust the first level of Duke Nukem 3D for use in GMod, and hopefully HL2DM at a later date. My friend is giving input, whilst I am doing the mapping.

We’re also planning to add other fun stuff to it, mostly for other people to try if we finish and release it. One example would be to take a flight of stairs down the starting building (with the ability to enter certain apartments), as opposed to blowing up the fan and falling down.

We’re also planning to add extra details to the map. The skybox in the below screenshots is from the HRP Project and at the moment is placeholder, but may stay (with due credits given).

Please try to think of this as a random project spawned from boredom, and not something pro-designed to rival other projects.

To put it at best, Consider this map a very interactive form of fan art!

We would like feedback on which lighting style suits the map the best at this moment



And an additional screenshot of the opposite side of the rooftop.

All C&C is welcome.

Dam, those alien bastards are gonna pay for shooting up my ride.

2 but the roof is too small.

Three matches the flow to the map I believe.

Just to say, when I saw “Hollywood Holocaust”, I thought you were making a holocaust version of Hollywood. :frowning: I was so excited to see it too. :smith:

I like lighting #2, but #3 seems like it fits more because of all the yellowish green lights around.

Lighting 2 matches the map’s feel, but lighting 3 matches the maps reality. I dunno, I’d experiment with a mix of both. Also, damn, this map really looks like the map from DN3d but modernised.

Hmm i’d have to say number 3.

3 looks the best, but 2 matches the original the closest. Take your pick.

#3 makes it look modern rather than the original look of the level.
On a lighter note i’d like to add that the emptiness on the roof is a bit strange.

Ultimately, if you really want to show the people you’re making a better version of the original,
then make 3D buildings around you rather than leaving the 2D.
Ofcourse so far the map looks great! Good job.

Wow this is awesome! We need more!


He wasn’t t@ctic00l enough, where’s the ducking and sliding and mad bunnyhopping that I usually see on Hl2:DM?

As I’ve said on the official duke 4 forums:
That map is decent but it’s far overworked, and isn’t recognisable in screenshots. And it’s way of keeping the player out of areas they shouldn’t enter is to just simply kill them. I’m aiming for a more friendly, and atmospherical approach where the sky is the limit. I’m also going to be offering it to scale, rather than as a huge map with too much wasted space.

3, and make canisters explosive barrels for all the poor people that can’t buy EP1/2.
How are you going to do the Jetpack?

I find this funny as some time ago I made the first quarter of Caribbean Catastrophe from Duke Caribbean: Life’s A Beach.
it turned out OK

I ported Hollywood Holocaust to HL2DM years ago, sadly it was lost due to the IBM Deathstar™ before I knew about their failure rate. If this one gets finished, it looks like it will be on par with a UT99 version I saw way back in the day.