Holmzy's Lawl LUL

Admins who don’t like the new “Holmzy’s Law” thing: You know why you spawning in a bunch of stuff in is wrong? Because you’re poofing into thin air things that take time, sometimes lots and lots and lots of time, to gain.

Go farm stone, or metal frags, or wood, etc. on an unmodded server. That’s how much it sucks for your players. If you worked your butt off for 1000 wood, stone, or metal, That could have took an hour to gather and then see an admin just gain the same things from a simple command? Wrong. It’s plain wrong. You shouldn’t be able to freely spawn whatever you so wish, while others have to actually work hard for that same stuff.

EVEN A SIMPLE HATCHET. Why should you have the ability to poof a hatchet into existence? You don’t even start off with a stone hatchet like a normal player, you poof in endgame tools. WRAOWNG

this is why i don’t play minecraft in multiplayer

When you start paying monthly to provide others an opportunity to play on your server, then you’ll have a leg to stand on. Until then, you’re just crying about what other people paid for.

bearing in mind that i don’t know anything about what’s going on since i hardly play rust, and thusly assuming the accusations are true and within context,

it would be like saying it’s okay for Valve employees to play CS:GO with god-mode enabled, because Valve hosts the servers
it presents a bad example, and it is inappropriate for a company to cheat at its own game, especially when it is famous for spending so much time trying to ban cheaters

Thing is, OPs point has nothing to do with “Holmzy’s Law” and more about the Admin spawning server message. each example they gave has absolutely no impact on thier gameplay. The admin isn’t using god-mode to win fights, isn’t spawning C4 to wreck bases, all they’re doing is giving themselves stuff to build with. It’s their server, so it’s their privilege to do that. Since it has absolutely no impact on other players, it’s not even abusive in the slightest. This is a simple case of people crying because they don’t get the same benefits for free as someone paying does.

I like the idea of the messages. The problem I see now isn’t admins, though, its the fact that nobody that plays Rust seems to be able to read and even when an admin says that they need to spawn something while helping someone, everyone sees the message and starts crying about abuse.

The messages are a step towards people being more trusting of admin players. I really didn’t like the idea of having admins playing among players before and I still don’t because of the inadvertent advantages they get, but this helps towards trusting that they aren’t spawning stuff.

Yeah it’s fair enough if they want to do that, but it’s also fair enough if players want to be able to identify whether or not admins on the server they are playing on are giving themselves loads of crap, especially if they actively take part in PVP, raiding etc or are giving things to people who do.

I agree, and don’t think there’s anything wrong with transparency, but the players do need to sort out what constitutes abuse. What you mentioned would definitely be questionable, but spawning shit for themselves to build isn’t.

I’ve been supporting a server for over 2 years, it has 100-150 people on it at peak times, and I completely support this new transparency. You just don’t like it because you can’t cheat your way to the top anymore and you’ve realized how hard rust can be.

How about you read the rest of my posts, namely the last one where I said I supported the transparency. While you’re at it you can also stop confusing me with a server admin. I’m a regular player like most everyone else, I just don’t cry when shit that doesn’t affect me goes on.

There’s actually a secret console command in TF2 that lets nine specific Steam accounts (all belonging to Valve employees) cheat in hilariously gratuitous fashion (every status effect enabled at once, effectly turning the player into a glowing, immortal blur of fire) regardless of what sv_cheats has to say about matters.

They typically reserve it for play-vs-the-developers showcase livestreams, and generally when they’re unavoidably going to lose, because then it’s more funny than anything.

I am in favor of Holmzy’s Law being toggle-able from server launch, but NOT in game. Here is basically my reasoning: http://www.rustafied.com/updates/2016/1/18/why-holmzys-law-doesnt-work

I’m usually in favor of having things toggleable, but not in this case. Eliminate the chat spam, make it a log, etc. etc. … but accountability needs to become a baseline every-day thing in this community where even the trusted and well-respected admins like Bugs have a “I don’t feel like I should have to explain my actions to anyone” kind of mentality. Your core players already understand the difference between admin abuse and administration of the server, it will find its way to the casual players through osmosis.

I think the same argument can be applied to the casual base in terms of knowing which servers are run by bad admins and which aren’t. The hardcore players will naturally all gravitate and gather toward servers with fair admins, and the casual players will naturally lean towards higher populations. The problem was already working itself out perfectly fine before this feature was added, and in many ways will continue to, however with more stress and complications involved in managing and administering those high population servers that people are flocking to. If I were an admin of a high pop server, I would definitely want that feature off simply to not derail chat constantly and do my job behind the scenes. Perhaps the option to have it display in console rather than chat is a good compromise, again as an option for admins who dislike the chat spam from both themselves when spawning and the people spamming ‘memes’ after the fact.

OK I may as well add a few words myself as it’s got my name on it …

Holmzy’s Law is basically transparency for the Rust players, we get a lot of complaints of admins (including myself) spawning in items on servers and using them to their advantage or giving advantage to others, most of the time these will be untrue but there still seems to be doubt in players minds that things are happening behind the scenes, why not let it be visible to all.

If what you are spawning being broadcast is ruining immersion then why are you spawning it ? Since the changes have been made I’ve needed to take a screenshot but had 5 health, before I would have spawned in syringes and healed myself to get rid of the blood overlay instead I asked a player for some food which he gave me and also hit me with a syringe, no immersion lost. I’ve needed to take down rock/hacker bases instead of spawning 100 c4, I hit a tree 10 times and craft a hammer and demolish it foundation by foundation. Offensive signs are usually taken down by the offended players on officials but we can see that would take some effort from admins who do like to remove them even if they do borrow a hatchet, so now we realise that admins need a better way of removing things … we can take care of that.

Players shouting abuse when they see the text coming up are mainly trolling the admin and reminds me of Bob Ross streams, if there’s a reason for you to spawn things let the players know that you’re building them a rock fight arena or a Kentucky Fried Bear outlet, it’s not that hard. Abuse shouts will die off when the novelty of it wears off. I also cannot see the point in turning it off, are the players going to trust you more knowing that you’ve turned it off, that’s up to them to decide.

Lastly, Garry has had this planned for a while and after a chat with him we decided to bring it in sooner rather than later, as you can see…

I got the ball rolling so saying it was bought in because of me is a bit misleading, I’m glad of the transparency and so are most of the players and server owners I’ve spoke to, pity some are working themselves into a tizzy about it.

As a server owner/admin i can see both sides of this. On my server we have not spawned anything in for players in the last 10 months of running so In that way the players know we never help players or ourselves on the server (admins are not allowed to play on the server) but on the other hand i am active on the server 10-18 hours a day and with our rules we do need to spawn stuff in now and again mainly to remove signs C4 is the quickest method and we get a lot of signs that are against the rules. Now i have to explain every time i want to remove a sign, look at new content (before dropping it under the map) or test a bug out. There are only 2 admins on our 300 slot server which is often quite full. Just the extra time spent chilling out the trolls on the server and reassuring the new players that it’s a legit reason is a pain in the arse and time consuming.

Those that know my server know that game play is paramount and i have never abused my position Holmzy and Bucky have played on my server for that very reason.

[TL:DR] Holmzy’s law is good for players and forces transparency but for honest hard working admins it’s just doubled the work load for them.

See, what you describes, is how it should be.
Not going all spawn happy just because you’re an admin, and it’s “your right”.
I like you man. Props.

The way it should be is Admins run their servers the way they want, and the players that don’t like it find a new server.

The way it should be is that server admins announce the fact that they intend to act like mongrel sniveling asshats before potential players waste time thinking the server was going to be run with some semblance of fairness and respect… and then they do what they want, while players decide whether or not to find a new server. Obviously “should” is a bit subjective.

I suppose until asshats with a spare $20 start making these announcements up front, spawn logging is a quick and dirty way of letting players make their decisions somewhat more informed ones. Hopefully all the good and fair server admins won’t mind the terribly awful trouble of spending an extra 30 seconds now and then typing an 8-word explanation into chat.

30 seconds to chill out chat you know the avg rust player is 12 years old and thinks trolling is fun. I spawned in a hammer to check stability on a building as a player suspected a bug, It took 15 mins to explain and calm down chat that was after a pre-spawn chat warning, (All it takes is a couple of trolls and a server full of 300 players and mob mentality takes control). I might have to do that 3-4 times a day.