Holo Cape E2?

Is this possible? If so I would LOVE to have it. If you could make it black that would be just great, also if you could add the effect that when falling it would move up? I know it will probably use holo’s. I would take ANY variation of this. Perhaps you found one that doesn’t have the things I want, go ahead and post it here. I know this might be hard, but you don’t have to make it too fancy.

Alternatively, you could just learn the extremely easy language of Expression 2 via tutorials, rather than come here and post a request.

I don’t want to sound the like the bearer of bad news, but E2 is possibly the easiest ‘language’ you can learn.

Here’s what I suggest you do:

  1. Get an E2 of some sort of hat from all of the various videos.
  2. Look at it, see how it works, and how all of the functions are self explanitory.
  3. Mess around with the E2 Helper, and test out things like changing colours.
  4. See how it is parented, how entities work, and how to call a hologram function.
  5. Build a simple hologram.

E2 was actually the first part of wiremod I learnt. I still don’t know much about gates.
It is an extremely easy and fun concept, and will be EXTREMELY useful for later things you do with wiremod.