Holo sight does not work after update!

The holo sight does not work anymore after the update! The red dot is gone in the middle and when i look into it the whole are becomes smudgy! Fix this ASAP

Try looking through it at the ocean. Your dreams of deep sea exploration will come true.

Can confirm the reticle is gone atm, the view through the scope is still clear for me though.

Stealing what I posted in a duplicate thread here because I didn’t know this one existed:

Woah, I just checked - you’re not the only one. They did update from Unity 4.0 to Unity 4.5, but was this problem pre-existant yesterday?.. I don’t remember. Verifying my game cache didn’t do anything for me.

Also if any of the developers read this: It seems to be a mishap with either texture loading or rendering in a layer? Maybe? From all I can tell in my position is that the sky[box] causes the Holographic to create a kind of “duplicated” effect:


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Side note:

fruitbat’s dreams of deep sea exploration are true:

(The water doesn’t appear to render through the scope either. You can see all the way down to the ocean floor)


Just slide the render quality up a bit :slight_smile: