Holo sight still broken?

Im rubbish at shooting and die alot but how do you explain this?
just uploaded so quality might not be the best.

Lol damnn that hit reg. Could be lag but doesn’t look much like it. Don’t understand why some shots would tag if it was broken though

theres some lag people were jumping around quiet often but i dont get this,
every time he turns sideways, to his right, (when he faces the rock like running away and then returns and just before i got those 2 shots on him) its like the hack goes on and off.
Im not but hurt i couldnt care less but this happens sometimes

Looked more like a network issue then anything else. Either your internet is terrible or the server is.

Ye could be the server, was lagging, what left me in doubt was that the situation lasted like 5/6 seconds of constant shooting and only 2 bullets hit.
It happen before a few times just this time was very obvious