Holo to Primitive

Ok all the new Holo stuff is awsome in wire but could it be
A altered to really manipulate standered primitives cube sphere etc not just dimensions but extrude etc functions in otherwords add functionality to create any object would be complex I know

B then spawn as a solid object wouldnt that be just the dogs danglies I mean looking at games like spore a creater or designer for single solid primitives would have to be added into adv dupe I suppose but hell would change the whole game loads of useless models could be dropped and instead a creator for your own props !

I think if gmod is to survive this alteration would blow all out of the water

I don’t understand your post.

Pretty sure this is not possible.

Already possible to spawn props with the E2 using an unofficial E2 Addon. http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=Wire_Expression2:Unofficial_Addons

there are several Lua engines for 3d manipulation about and as Ep2 can at present create model shapes not in your existing model lists using simple maths to create sphere etc then if these points defined by maths were also given bounds that object would then become a solid

Im asking if the simple maths for ep2 holo creation could be taken much further to create much more complex mathamatical structures which it can no doubt about it.

and if so then could the points defined be applied to define a solid object collisions and all if so you should be able to create models that dont exist in models list.