Hologram Plane

Here’s my incomplete HoloJet

-Mouse Aimed
-Missile (explodes and damages)
-All Holograms
-That’s about it


Lol post stuff.

It’s got very stiff movements and needs a lot of work on the aesthetics.
While it is kind of nice, it’s probably something that’s going to get better reception at wiremod.

Like it…

o god song

Can’t say I like hologram building, uless ofcourse it is made by a select few ppl

It’s good to see people here know how to use E2.

Nice job.

Stiff movement and lack of aesthetics?? If you can’t even understand what it is that you’re looking at, don’t bother posting criticism.

What, its hardly a plane and holograms are 2 easy 2 work with.

Doesn’t fly like a plane, doesn’t look like a plane - how is it a plane, this is more for wiremodforums where I’m sure they’ll all love it but not here

Maybe more some kind of sci-fi drone thing than a plane or jet, but it’s pretty awesome! The missile thing seems quite clever.

Basshunter :barf:

Not bad for a start, but I see some ways this could be improved.
For instance, a simple velocity system could be worth looking into - that is, instead of just adding straight onto the plane’s position, have a velocity vector that you add onto and then add that onto the plane’s position at the end of iteration.
As well as making the movement smoother and more realistic, you could emulate other things like gravity or air resistance by adjusting the velocity.

This is <insert unpleasent word here>.
It’s a triangle.

Position += Direction

It has no acceleration, it turns on a dime (literally) and the fact that it’s still a triangle.

Der der super old, stop commenting on it unless you want to record a HD video, I cant record anymore.

my wrist hurts already

Remixes in general :barf:

Yeah, take it to Wiremod.

Think of it this way: Facepunch is where all the scientists that love blowing crap up and making robots and stuff hang out - stuff that most people would think IRL is just awesome.

Wiremod is where all your theoretical scientists go, they get excited if they find the next 1000 digits of Pi.

what song?