Hold R to holster. Could somebody make this?

You mean, like the opposite of an iron-sight?

Lower your gun. Then hold R again and raise the gun.

Holster is actually when you put the gun away in Gmod. so if you took out the pistol when you had the gravcannon equipped, you would be holstering the gravcannon to equip the pistol.

Just clearing that up.

You ever played rp gamemodes like taco or cake? If you have, you should understand what im talking about…

You mean something like this?

Oh I knew exactly what you meant. But i was telling you what the actual “Holstering” meaning meant. If you would have said something like “lowering your gun” then I am sure everyone would have known what you meant from the start.

And Angel that is exactly what Santiainen wants, but for first person as well im guessing.

Well the Madcow Sweps Do Technically do that as well, I was using one of the holstered weapons in this video I made the other day…

But the ones that are currently on Garrysmod.org are broken, but an unofficial fixed version was made a month or so ago. http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?p=21887613#post21887613

Off-Topic but… Where’d you get that KH Player model? O.o

Have it installed on my Server… :confused:

Sort of like the WAC Sweps? When you hold R you holster them I’m pretty sure.

What about reloading? D:

To reload you just push it. :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean press.

I dont think that you can do it like that.

Of course one of the problems would be what if you want to lower your weapon WITHOUT reloading if you’ve fired a shot?

Well it works fine on hl2rp.

What mods are you using because that is what I am looking for

I wonder if people will ever read…