Holy Auto Gunshop 10 [For those with a fashion sense]

Holy auto gunshop v10.0 is a complete remake of v9.0 featuring new features such as a help menu in the console screen which displays all the help commands as well as tell you what they do when you select them. All known bugs in the credit system have been fixed. The shop is also even more cheat proof as it uses a secret way of collecting money and new way of giving out guns.




In the above picture is the gun compartment, it is opened with the command !go and closed with the command !gc. As you can see, the compartment is completely redone in the aspect of making the guns easier to stock as well as having more space and a cooler looking console screen inside. The console screen controls everything about the gunshop.


Above is the console screen. You are given six buttons to help you control the screen. The up and down arrows select an option in the given direction; The plus and minus buttons (in thier respected order) add a value and subtract a value, change a value to yes or change a value to no, and open the help menu as well as get out of it. The console screen itself lets you adjust prices, change the gunshop modes, and access the help menu which displays all the commands as well as tells you what each one does upon selection.

Chat Commands:
!resetprices / !rp - Sets the gun’s prices to recommended (default) prices.
!lockprices / !lp - Disables the ability to change prices of guns. (useful if someone gets past the security system in your gunshop somehow)
!unlockprices / !up - Enables the ability to change prices of guns.
!secon - Enables security for gunshop.
!secoff - Disables security for gunshop.
!free - Makes all guns free
!unfree - Makes guns not free
!maxprices / !max - Sets all guns to thier maximum allowed prices.
!minprices / !min - Sets all guns to thier minimum allowed prices.
!debug - Resets both console screens incase a bug occurs. This can only be used once.
!mo / mc - Opens / Closes money compartment.
!go / !gc - Opens / Closes gun compartment.


Above is the money compartment which is opened with the command !mo and closed with the command !mc. This compartment is only used for gathering money which has been collected. It is seperated from the gun compartment so that incase someone is able to break in, the money and the guns are in two differant parts of the gunshop.


Above is the buyer compartment. In here you have the money slot (to the left) and the gun dispenser (to the right.) The money slot has been designed so that it cannot be cheated and a gun may not be purchased unless the money is properly placed in it. Once a gun is selected, the money is then gathered. The gun dispenser uses a console screen along with three buttons to select and purchase what gun the buyer wants. The screen also displays if credit mode is on or off as well as if free gun mode is on or off.
Above the screen are three text screens which tell how much money has been inserted, how many credits the gunshop has in it, and the total of money and credits.

What are credits? They act just as money, if you overpay for a gun the extra money inserted will be transfered to credits and will automatically reduce the price of the guns by how many credits you have. If you have enough credits, guns will be free until all the credits have been used up.


Finally, we have the newest addition (taken from my gunstands) to the gunshop. The time locked door. The time locked door ensures the buyer has enough time to safely purchase thier gun as they can set the door to close and stay closed from 5-10 seconds. The time is edited with the up and down arrows to the right.

Hope you guys enjoy using it. Any suggestions, opinions, or bug reports would be greatly appreciated.



q>weapons>click gun

It’s alot better than your other one.

It looks like it eats framerates for breakfast

You still used these damn PHX METAL plates…

Once cool contraption is no longer cool. Otherwise, I’ll post a thread about my F-16.

We already had a huge fad with RP gun machines, everyone is fed up with them.
And it ruins the true RP spirit.
You are meant to roleplay a gundealer, or anyone.
Not a fucking machine.
That’s the thing that’s fucking supposed to be entertaining in RP.

He just built this and i think its pretty damn nice. I think if i ever see you make a post that doesnt have something to do with your POS-16 ill have a heart attack.

Nice job on the gun machine, looks much better than the first.

I don’t see why these other people are bitching. It looks a lot better than your other one. I like it.

It causes a 0-10 ping change in all players on gm_construct. Depends on how many players are on, i did a lag test and it took around 10 players on the server i play on for a ping change to take effect after pasting the gunshop.

Now seeing as I always have to burn someone in my threads. Today’s burn goes to:

I like how you speak for everyone yet they contradict what you say. There is no correct way a player is meant to play a game. Gmod has infinite possibilities, if people want to use my gun machine, that isn’t some 12 year olds call with the name boobys who openly uses the work ‘fuck’ on forums when he’d probably get in trouble if his parents read his posts. If you want to roleplay without contraptions then go on a serious server without adv dupe, this is meant for servers that build to RP. :slight_smile:

Firstly, learn difference between server lag and framerates.

Secondly, your argument is invalid.
GMod has infinite possibilities, one of them is RP, which has its rules, if it’s done right.
Building crap to do things for you isn’t how you RP, and Building RP is a goddamn parody.
And by the way, right now you’re the one who tries to speak for everyone.

Burn deflection.

1- Hey, can Canadian see a video?
2- Um, that setting time would not go well. People would set it to like 999999999999.

Also, mine. (I think this has more of a “fashion sense?”)

Well Canadian, your gunshop is one of the reasons I made an auto gunshop in the first place, along with bakura’s gunshop. In terms of looking good your shop does take the cake. However, it lacks (what I see as crucial for all gunshops) the ability to edit prices unless you know where the e2 chip is and know how to use expression. Mine is more of a user friendly gunshop, making it easy, fair and safe for anyone who uses it to sell/buy guns.

I’ll get fraps and get a video explaining everything about the gunshop for you whenever I am home again and get around to it. Also, people can only set the door time setting to a maximum of 10 seconds and a minimum of 5. The system works pretty well, a metal sliding door like in star trek may add to your gunshop seeing as how mechanical it looks. That is just my opinion though.

Boobster, to avoid a childish argument all I have to say is a game is meant to be whatever you want it to be, if you want it to be like a boring job where you have to live by the rules, by all means do that. I, on the other hand, like to play games to have fun, which is why I like build RP. Server lag influences frame rates, little to no lag = no change in frame rates.

Server lag doesn’t change framerates. Ping is only the time it takes for the server to communicate with the players. If a player have 50 in ping it just means that it takes 50 ms for the server to react to what the player is doing, And the same in reverse. That’s why a player with high ping doesn’t make the server lag in anyway as people often commonly think.

What I am saying is if the server experiences lag through, say, someone spawning a lot of props, players pings do increase. The higher the ping, the more lag they experience as their communication with the server becomes slower. Eventually it gets to the point where the server lags enough to where the player teleports while walking as a result to their frames per second being so high. When you paste something with adv dupe on a public server, if it is something of big enough size it will influence players pings. The reason for this is because you are using the servers memory upon spawning the contraption. I will admit I may just be getting my definitions confused when it comes to ping and frame rate, but my logic does make sense.

Framerate is based on the performance of your PC
Lag is based on yours and servers internet speed.

And to avoid a childish arguement, I agree we have a bit different understanding of the term “Fun”.
(urs sux lol)

Pfft don’t be jealous. You may be glad to know i am making other RP things that do require players to operate, like a jail.

I just laughed at your name. I never read it.

Anyway, mine is as easy as updating a constant value.
I’d add a door, but the one time I tried it out on my server, minges would prop push it to death when I was AFK. It just doesn’t serve a purpose. The door is small enough where only one may pass through.

There is one more notes: I do not hand out my stuff, nor trade. I don’t want someone knowing where to change the prices; but I assure you, it is easy.

If you add a ballsocket door with hydraulics it should be spaz out after being pushed. I see what you are saying though. A door isn’t really needed. I can’t seem to find the my cd that has FRAPS on it to record that video you wanted to see. Is there any place I can download it or some other game recording program that you would recommend?