Holy DJ Stand + version 2 song contest


This is a Dj Stand I made out of boredom, never really expected to do this much to it. It comes with 58 differant songs and a lot of customizable effects to help express the inner Dj in you.

YouTube- Holy Dj Stand

I am going to make another version of this with a new song catagory. This catagory will consist of 25 valve songs chosen by you. Be sure to include both the song name as well as the game it belongs to.

The most popular ones will be added in order by most popular. Songs will only be able to be heard by those on servers who have downloaded my DJ Stand V2 as the download will include songs from the selected games. Songs will be picked by next tuesday (January 12th.)

Lol nice.

Media tags?

Nice special effects but do they lag? Also needs the ability to play/merge two songs at once and adjust tempo to suit.

If you have all the effects on at once then it will cause a little lag, in the next version I plan to reduce lag to a minimum as well as add the new catagory of songs.

As far as song merging goes, I do see a way to do it, however, it will most likely cause a lot of lag the way I want to do it. On the other hand, It is possible to set up a queue list for what song goes next which is something I had planned down the road anyway. I’ll see what I can do, it is an interesting idea xroblade.

This seems like more of a Rave Control Panel than a DJ mixer stand… I’d like to see each screen have it’s own song list so you can mix, cross fade and such.

Not bad but you have ALOT you could do without. 4.5/5

You should tell us how to add our Custom Songs in the little list thing. :slight_smile:

hehe easy, learn e2, play hide n seek and find my e2 chip, then edit it. I may make something to where you can add your custom songs and upload it to gmod. It is possible to do, but will be a differant upload all together.

omfg somehow the screens dont show up

I found the E2 and saw a little on it, it was complicated and long as hell!

What the fuck. Seriously? You idiots need to read the rules and, I’m going to hate myself in the morning for this, but… LURK MOAR! We don’t bump threads that are six months old. Quit doing this.

Well an easy way would be to get whatever song you want as an MP3, and put it in your sounds folder. Then get a wired sound emitter and in the song browser of the latest version of wire, find it and it should play. The only problem is that nobody else could hear it, because chances are they don’t have the same song in their sounds folder.

This. One thousand times this.
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