"Holy fuck, slow down, watch out for that windmill!" -Driven to TF2


This is a real oldie that I still had left in my screenshot folder.

I fucked up some of it in a very bad way, but it’s still presentable.

Love the Demo man

I wish I could show the eyes of the Soldier because without the helmet, they were absolutely priceless.

I always thought the man who didn’t drink at the bar was to drive.

Yeah, only tossers follow that rule.

That’s not what the cops say :smiley:

Cops are tossers man

There’s no medic… ;_; Still nice thought.

I tried the Medic, didn’t fit in well.

awesome picture.

Facial expressions are great.

:v: actually without the helment he looks pretty serious.

The rule that keeps you alive! :eng101:

But nice pic, Love it.

Except what is with the massive Dodge Glow around the Demo and Soldier in the back?

It was either that or intense jaggies.


Still good :slight_smile:

Nice one.

Merci Beaucoup.

Is the Sniper somehow drooling from his nose?

No, the phong highlights came out that way.

I would change it, but I’m enjoying these grapes.

I love DoF! :3:

^The hell?

anyways excellent picture.