"Holy Hell! They Learn To Fly These Things In Seconds!?" VTOL takes a rumble

Long titles is long.

Also, inside of VTOL is fucking nice looking. Hard to pose correctly though =/



oh noes boxes, save me jebus!

Awesome picture.


Looks good.

Serial dumb rater is…dumb :smug:
on another note awesome editing! have a palette!
Ah, he rated me dumb

Thanks all.

I got another one, well, ground troops coming up. Do the editing tomorrow. :stuck_out_tongue:

The guy on the left looks like hes cumming in his pants.
Nice picture

The editing and posing looks pretty good. Artsy!

P.S. Can anyone direct me to these Crysis vehicle models? I’ve checked the releases section and got nothing.

^ El priviate model my friend…
oh nevermind then :dance:

Looks fucking awesome man

Also Crysis models: http://www.filefront.com/14568399/crysisbeta-for-SGG.zip/

it’s really awesome

but the left guy’s pose is little awkward.


and i wanna know how you did shadows

I imagine he is using somewhat the same method that I am using :stuck_out_tongue:
Drawing them on :wink:

sudden turn = surprised = awkward body movements.

shadows are done with PS, brushes, and burn.

That one guy on the left doesnt look very comfertable.
Nice pic tho

I bet that sniper is a new guy, he looks horrified while the guy next to him is calm.

Actually, looks like he jizzed.

Hes horrified because somebody might notice it? :downs:

I think the posing was just fine.

That’s it! :smug: