Holy Sh00T!! I need help!!

Hi everyone, my name is guatin and ago some months i get Gmod for my fun, i don’t regret for playing dis fantastic game, lalw.

Ok, here i go:

How da the heck i can install a vehicles for the game!!??

I have the Vehical_collection and I’ve put into the Addons folder and is not working!
only hav the models of the vehicles like props or something… I want to make clear that I know the basics of the game (like put weapons, ragdolls, stools, etc) so… that.

Thx for the help,

Note: Im new in the forums, i registered ago some weeks.
Note 2: Sorry -maybe- for mah english, actually im chilean and ovbiously i speak spanish. Lol.

are you sure you dwonloaded the actual vehicles and not just props?

im totally sure about that, only i respawn the vehicles like props in the models explorer, but is not appear in the vehicles menu. There 3 folder in the ZIP and dont work.

I have the same problem along with most others and it might just be the pack you have. Try to delete that one. I’m sure there is “The Pack Of All Packs” on Gmod.org somewhere that will work for you.

what folders?? 3 hav sounds, lua’s and more…

more suggestions plz??