Holy shit look at this world at 90 digrees

Words can not discribe the combined awesome and fail of this.
I joined a server, and it was like this with tons of lua error spam. i left thinking… fail code is fail. then i go to another server, same thing. Thats when i start to think… oh shit. Help!
What can i do?!

I’ve had that happen before. I’m not sure what causes it though. I just looked up and it fixed it.

I looked up. It didn’t fix it.

Seems like something messed up an important garry’s mod game file. I would try renaming your garry’s mod folder then starting a new game.

This goes to show that not everyone can use Hammer?

You, sir, just gave me an idea.

No, that it does not.

This is gm_construct you berk. :buddy:

meh… reinstalling gmod…


NEVER MIND Restarting gmod fixed it lol.

good gravy… this is an interesting map concept though. GM_ConstructSideways.