Holy shit Source Engine...

Taking a break from my overly ambitious projects to relax and then I accidentally make these. And yeah they have flaws like everything else but…holy fuck…this model is amazing…



EDIT: And this one is horrible but it’s an example of ENV and Phong which are ‘eh’. Mind the terrible smoke I added.


jesus christ, The lighting is very nice.

I can almost smell the fuel burning.

She’s growling atcha.

I don’t really get it, did you make the car or…?

its a model

Okay… So wouldn’t the “poses” look better if they weren’t taken in a place that carries a lot of resemblance to the gm_construct darkroom?

Where did you get the car? And where is it from?

Forza? NFS?

throw some envmaps and phong on that bitch

reventon is best lamborghini, i prefer it in gray/black though

That’s an Aventador. There’s a reventon as well but the wheels are too small so it looks ridiculous. And I swear I can’t think of a single time when I’ve actually though phong looked good, it’s always greasy and mismatched. Like a black anything with phong and env map would probably look pretty bad in the dark room.

EDIT: Okay phong isn’t that bad, I just keep thinking of all the bad times we had together. sniffle

This is Reventon.


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Anyway, about the Aventador, it looks better with this colour.


Good luck trying to drive anywhere that isn’t a straight asphalt road with those skirts.

Not enough shininess. Good pic though.

You’re right actually it could use a shitload of shimmer. Not sure how that’ll pan out buy I’m going to give it a shot.

This is pretty sweet, Reminds of Need for speed the run somehow.

Well as expected phong and envmap look like absolute unreconcilable shit, sorry to say. Maybe I just need to tweak everything?


I always take the envmap shit out of the VMTs. I’ve never seen a model that looked good with it on.

Or you could make your own cubemap texture just for that car, and make it based on what setting or atmosphere your scene will be on.

that’s actually really good, it looks like a real car. tone it down a bit and it’ll look great.

it’s one of those things that must be used sparingly and carefully.

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wait youve got the car directly above water why do you think it looks over-reflected.

Ugh, now it’s back to being almost completely flat. Would cranking the shit out of the pong help?