"HOLY SHIT, THAT PLANE IS LANDIN FAST!" 2 guys watch as a plane lands right by them


I would be scared shitless.
Nice pic, although you should of blurred the plane a bit more.

Yeah to see a plane land right were you are, damn it makes go “holy shit”

Plus your eardrums will be turned to shit.

Poor guys, they’ll be violently halved with a painstakingly blunt instrument, the wing of the plane :saddowns:

I like the posing, really gives out their thoughts “WHADDAFUCK?”, even without faceposing visible.

Thanks. This was a scene build, and there accauly a distance away from the plane, like 4 centimeters from the tip of the wing.

I landed that plane :ninja:

you did

Judging how close that building is, the one behind the plane, I suggest that the left wing will clip it, causing the front nose to turn left while the back turn right. All and all, those guys are screwed. Nice picture, though.

I think you should show more of the plane itself.

I tried the shitty textures towards the front, maybe I could had showed the tail…

Ok that explains, but I think the pose is ok :v:.

I would have laughed if you showed the tail and it had a guy holding onto it and people behind it flying backwards because of the engine’s force.