Homage to UT2004/UT3's Invasion Gamemode

Here’s an idea I’ve been thinking about for the past few days…

If you’re unfamiliar with Invasion:

If you have UT2004, use this server as a reference for what I’m getting at - http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/

So, I’ve been wanting to code something heavily inspired by this for GMod. I think it’s way better than any other coop gamemode I’ve ever played because the leveling system adds so much depth. There’s always a ton of teamwork. In the early levels, you find yourself hiding behind more experienced players. As you level up, you end up in more of a role where you can lead the team yourself.

Since this is GMod & not Unreal Tournament, there’s certain things we can take for granted - maybe fort-building could be a distinguishing feature. There’s also things that UT is better at. Our selection of NPCs isn’t quite as nice. Maybe some sprite-based 2D NPCs could liven things up.

I can lay down the groundwork for this, at the very least. I’m great with HUD design, experienced with coding SWEPs, I can map, and have made a gamemode before.

I just want to gauge interest at this point, & see if anyone would be interested in contributing (Some of the NPC stuff looks like a pain in the ass to me, for example). This is going to have a developer-friendly license if I decide to do it, so you can wait and see if you’re interested once you have something to look at.

How badly does the GMod community really want a good, deep coop mode? Is everyone too busy dicking around in DarkRP servers? Be brutally honest

The leveling system in it is actually a modfication, like a addon in garrysmod, its called utrpg which is used in any of the gamemodes but without it invasion does tend to get boring at times so it would be a nice touch if you was to make a copy of the invasion from ut.

I would like to see this as a GMod gamemode. Then it may be called GModinvasion or GModrpg.